Monday, November 7, 2011

WCHP goes to NCPTW

The National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing was a fantastic experience. I was very grateful to sit in on some very interesting conversations and presentations. Many thanks goes out to the coordinators of the conference, especially Kevin Dvorak, who put the WCHP flyer right in the conference program. Thanks Kevin!

On Sunday morning, the last day of the conference, the WCHP held a workshop for about 25 participants. It was a lot of fun: we talked about the project, brainstormed for ideas, wrote our own original haiku, and shared them at the end.

Together, we brainstormed a not-at-all comprehensive list of what comes to mind when we think of working in a writing center. I am recreating that here as a reference for anyone else who needs a little prompt:

Different hats
Water cooler
Insanely busy
Can we use your phone?
Can I print this here?
Candy. Coffee.
Psychology/ calm down.
Chalk dust
citations – professor’s own citation
bad prompts
forgot my assignment
Grammar, commas,
It’s due today
Retyping it
I will pick this up later
Magic happening
Instant gratification
Hugs Also puns
Supportive faculty
Take this to the Center
Purdue OWL
Diana hacker
Standing appts
Late appts
No shows
What grade would you give this?
The Ah-ha (not the band)
Reverse outlines
Baked goods
no windows
awesome couches
Prometheus/ white boards

Also, the idea of multimedia and multi-lingual haiku was floated at the workshop. My response was that we want to include as many voices as possible in the project. While we are hoping this will be a printed work, there will be space of some sort for anything you want to include, possibly on a cd/dvd or on an independent website.

That's it for now. Happy haiku-ing!

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